Carpet Cleaning Services serving Bryan & College Station, TX

By keeping your carpets as clean as possible, you can extend the life of them. Dirt, dust and debris find their way into the fibers of your carpet. Even if you can’t see these allergens, they are most likely there, carried in by you, your family, friends, and pets. With regular carpet cleaning services, you can get rid of these allergens.

At Advantage Hard Surface Cleaning, serving the Bryan and College Station, TX areas, we can provide you with the carpet cleaning services you are looking for. Each and every carpet is different, so we take into account your traffic patterns, the make of the carpet, and the material the carpet is made out of. Our cleaners will evaluate your carpet, determining the best course of action to make it look new again.

We use the best products in the industry during carpet cleaning services.

Rely on us for the best in pressure washing, carpet cleaning and more in the Bryan & College Station, TX areas.With our state-of-the-art cleaning supplies, we will help get your carpets looking brand new. When the carpet cleaning process is complete, your carpets may still be damp. We try to extract as much water as we can. Drying times depend on your home and the humidity, but can often be sped up using fans and air conditioning units.

Carpet cleaning services are completed in a timely manner so you are not disrupted for too long. Our competitive prices set us apart from other companies in the area. Contact our team today and schedule your next cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

As mentioned before, keeping your carpets as clean as possible can help extend the life of them. Not only that, but it will also get rid of dirt and dust that have collected in the fibers. In between professional carpet cleaning service there are a few things you can do to help keep your carpets looking and smelling great.

  • Add baking soda to vacuum bags to fight odors
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Trap dirt by placing entry mats near doorways
  • Clean stains before the settle into the fibers
    • use club soda to clean up wine stains
    • use an ice cube to remove gum
    • use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains
    • use a butter knife to scrape hard candy off of carpet
    • use organic cleaners on pet accidents
    • use an iron with a cloth underneath to remove hardened wax
    • use dish soap to clean up grease stains
    • use shaving cream, followed by a water/vinegar mix to get rid of stains
  • Sprinkle cornmeal and Borax on the carpet and wait an hour to vacuum to remove stains, mold, and odors
  • Sprinkle a combination of rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, and baking soda, then vacuum to refresh carpet
  • Vacuum over carpeting using 8-12 passes on every inch
  • Get professional carpet cleaning services twice per year - more if you have children, pets, allergies or smoke

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